Lease Layover

We've all been there. You move apartments and they leave you with two weeks between your leases and no where to live. We have a solution for that!

About Lease Layover

  • Our lease layover includes moving out of your current apartment, storage for up to a month, and moving into your new apartment.
  • This service is perfect for anyone who is stuck between leases, especially college students who tend to have to move out at the end of the summer, and get stuck with an awkward two weeks before they can move into their new apartment!
  • Plus we'll send you a free box kit that includes 8 18x18x18" boxes, packing tape and paper to make that move seamless.
  • If you've read this far, you may get lucky and find an easter egg here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What locations do you provide Lease Layover?

We provide lease layover services for Birmingham, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Athens, Clemson, Starkville, and Oxford.

How long will you store my stuff?

Timing varies, but typically we provide up to a month of storage between your leases. If you need more long term storage, you can check out our storage page.

Is there a limit to how much stuff I can store?

Nope! Since lease layovers are priced per box or furniture piece, you can store as much as you'd like!

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